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Tax Depreciation ReportsWhat does Central Queensland Quantity Surveying do when you commission our services to prepare a depreciation schedule?

Firstly we collect information needed about your investment to prepare your report. Some of this information you may know or have, if not we likely have resources that allow us to find the information.

Next we physically go to your investment property and inspect it. If your property is tenanted, we handle all the entry notices and arrange a time with the tenant that is convenient for them if possible. Some tenants are often concerned the property may be going on the market as we are often mistaken for a Valuer. We assure them that when our services are employed, it is a good sign the property is not going on the market.

During inspection we photograph all the depreciable items within the property to be included in the report. We undertake the site inspection, as often there are items that would not be on the plans, or may not be picked up if relying on list of items.  Our view is it is best for the Quantity Surveyor compiling the report to have been on site and to collate the information.

If you are interested in seeing what the rental/sales market is like around your investment’s area, we can also include that information as a separate report if you are after that information as well.    Please call or email our friendly local staff today to see how we can be of service to you – for your investment property and Tax Depreciation needs.

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